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Security solutions

Address enterprise risk, information security and digital investigation needs with industry-leading forensic-grade solutions

Champion effective information governance

Learn in this practical guide how to align security, compliance and privacy teams for compounded success.

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White paper: The Information Advantage as a force multiplier for effective information governance

Secure the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise with forensic visibility and fearless response

What are Enterprise Information Security solutions?

With cybercrime evolving rapidly, data security software is no longer optional. Privacy and risk management leaders know that cybersecurity solutions are essential to good information management and critical to protecting one of their business’s most valuable assets—their enterprise data.

The best enterprise information security solutions provide deep visibility into data security and investigate potential risk across all endpoints and devices as it emerges. They also allow for greater automation and contextualization of security events for faster triage, more informed decision-making, data loss prevention and effective remediation.

OpenText Security Suite overview

OpenText Security Suite, powered by OpenText EnCase, provides 360-degree visibility across laptops, desktops and servers for proactive discovery of sensitive data, identification and remediation of threats and discreet, forensically-sound data collection and investigation.

With agents deployed on more than 40 million endpoints, clients that include 78 of the Fortune 100 and more than 6,600 EnCE certified users, Security Suite delivers the industry gold standard for incident response and digital investigations.

EnCase solutions help enterprises, government agencies and law enforcement address a range of needs around risk and compliance, file analytics, endpoint detection and response (EDR) and digital forensics with the most trusted digital forensics and cybersecurity software. Solving problems that often go undetected or unsolved on the endpoint, Security Suite restores the confidence of companies and their customers with unparalleled reliability and breadth of coverage.

Security Suite is augmented by OpenText Professional Services, providing consulting and implementation services, managed services and learning services for Security products.

OpenText Security features

  • 360-degree visibility across all endpoints, devices and networks

    Uncovers, validates and assesses potential threats to reveal data security risk and solutions, no matter how well hidden.

  • Continuous endpoint monitoring at scale

    Shows every process executing in realtime to detect advanced threats as they compromise systems, even for large and complex network environments.

  • Broad range of remediation features

    Quarantines infected endpoints, kills malicious processes and resets affected registry keys to bring a live system back to an uninfected state through effective information security management.

  • Off-the-network endpoint support

    Discreetly detects, searches and collects from endpoints across geographic regions, even where the employee is remote with no network connection.

  • Whole disk data investigation

    Examines all the data stored on the target machine’s hard drive for digital investigations, including hidden, encrypted and volatile data.

  • Concurrent multiple system search

    Searches and collects across multiple devices concurrently, improving productivity for internal investigations, governance and compliance.

  • Mobile forensics tools

    Extracts and analyzes data using 27,000+ mobile device profiles across smartphones, tablets and smartwatches for both logical and physical acquisitions as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

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OpenText Security benefits

  • Earlier threat detection and response

    Detect elusive risks, threats and anomalous activity, exposing and addressing threats before they have a chance to harm the organization.

  • Forensic-grade visibility

    Expose data risks, no matter how well hidden, with the gold standard in digital investigations.

  • Data compliance

    Align with the threat detection and response requirements of numerous regulations and mandates, such as PCI, HIPAA, PHI, and EU GDPR.

  • Complete, remote collection without disruption

    Collect potentially relevant data from all sources efficiently and discreetly, with no impact on day-to-day business.

  • Accelerated investigations

    Spend more time investigating and less time analyzing data, with automatic processing and indexing functions.

  • Total defensibility

    Preserve collected evidence in the industry-standard EnCase Evidence File format, proven forensically-sound and accepted in courts worldwide.

Why do enterprises need 360° visibility?

Every 39 seconds, a company in the U.S. is hacked. At least 20 percent of organizations with security breaches did not know they were hacked. Forensic-level endpoint detection and response (EDR) enables full visibility into every endpoint, at any phase of an attack.

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Security Suite products

OpenText is an SC Magazine Award 2020 finalist in the Best Computer Forensic Solution category

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